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The Eclipse Lens is what you need when you’re out in the sun! This special polycarbonate lens has been specially designed to filter out the sun’s harmful rays. As you know, you should NEVER look at the sun directly…but you can with these unique lenses.  Simply attach them to any brimmed cap or visor and flip them down to shade  – and back up when they’re not needed. These lenses are infinitely adjustable into any position allowing you to block the sun as it moves through the sky.

*Please note: these lenses are very, very, very, very dark. You cannot see ANYTHING while wearing them (except the sun!). So please don’t try to walk, run, bike or (yikes) drive with them in the down position. Just flip them up alongside your cap and go about your day!

These lenses have been tested and approved by the American Astronomical Society and are listed on their page of approved vendors.

Of course, you’ll want these lenses for the upcoming SOLAR ECLIPSE!

Here are some ECLIPSE events that are coming soon to a sky near you:

October 14, 2023

April 8, 2024

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Explore the Wonders of the Solar System with Safely:
AAS-Endorsed Eclipse Lens

It’s hard for a solar observation lens to distinguish itself from the pack, given that safety and precision are the two defining requirements for such a product. The Eclipse Lens achieves exactly that, however, with its newly-announced endorsement by the American Astronomical Society AAS. Built from specially-designed polycarbonate, these lenses offer a safe way to view the awe-inspiring solar events in all their glory with supreme clarity. The AAS astronomy endorsement indeed marks the lens as absolutely safe, but also highlights their commitment to inspiring a greater appreciation of the cosmos. As such, it assures space-gazers that this lens is an essential asset for any and all safely thrilling solar exploration.

Echoing the American Astronomical Society’s dedication to the advancement of safe and accessible astronomy, the Eclipse Lens serves as the perfect intersection between innovation and rigorous safety standards. With a user-centric attachment system and adaptable shading, the Eclipse is capable of changing along with the sun’s movement, delivering constant protection with enhanced flexibility. The result of this collaboration with the AAS is not merely a safer way to watch the eclipse, but the opportunity to safely stargaze every other day of the year. It represents the individual moments its designers have spent studying the sun while the rest of us were watching something a bit less spectacular, the kind of harmony between these standards and design you can’t help but feel great about. This confluence, at the end of the day, promotes the AAS astronomy core mission and broadens the public engagement with astronomy. It is a bridge between the rigorous scientific world and the public’s fascination with the celestial and solar phenomena that this organization represents, and it’s a meaningful one.

AAS Guidelines for Maximum Defence

In keeping with the guidelines of the American Astronomical Society, the Eclipse Lens was built to ensure eye safety above all during direct solar observation. The Visor With Eclipse Lens offer ideal protection but necessitate careful handling, as these are only meant for stationary solar viewing. This AAS astronomy focus on safety is a reminder that stargazing is a privilege the public must use responsibly. It’s a call for all users to smartly familiarize themselves with observation tools such as Eclipse Lens and employ them cautiously if not exactly sparingly. An adherence to AAS guidelines not only safeguards users, but really does improve the solar observation experience.

A Benchmark of Quality with AAS Approval

Given the significance of AAS approval, the Eclipse Lens now stands as a benchmark of quality and safety for solar observation. Its status as a rigorously cleared product distinguishes it as a lens capable of providing safe viewing experiences in concert with the AAS’s mission to create tools that enable the public’s safe and enriching engagement with astronomy. With the AAS astronomy seal of approval, the Eclipse Lens is reassured of its validation and efficacy, thus engendering trust among would-be buyers and facilitating the decorative astronomer and amateur astronomer’s usage alike, all the while elevating its status furthered by the broader educational aspirations of the AAS in fostering informed and safe participation in astronomical events.

AAS-Endorsed Gear for the Ultimate Solar Eclipse Experience

When the next solar eclipse comes, everyone will be glad for gear like the American astronomical society eclipse glasses. That stamp of approval shows that the lens meets the extremely demanding safety and quality standards required for a completely fun and amazing eclipse. It comes down to the fact that this really great lens is both the AAS endorsed seal of approval and a little gift, the AAS endorsement provides another level of assurance of that the Eclipse Lens is truly safe and lets everyone enjoy the eclipse while they are experiencing it for real. It’s a perfect partnership between the Eclipse Lens and AAS to make sure that the two of them together keep alive the tradition of safe eclipse viewing, and keep the public looking up at this wonderful universe!

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Dimensions 15 × 5 × 10 cm

1 review for Eclipse Lens

  1. Kayla Nielsen (verified owner)

    These were here before the week even ended! Delivery was fast! Super impressed with these shades! They are gonna work perfectly for the oct 14th eclipse.

    • Bruce Lerner

      Thank you for your kind words. I hope you enjoyed the eclipse. Thanks, Bruce

    • Bruce Lerner

      Thanks for your order. I hope you enjoyed the the eclipse. Thanks again, Bruce

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