About Us


My name is Bruce Lerner and I’m the inventor of the Flip’N Shades. As a professional driver by trade, I rely on my prescription sunglasses on bright sunny days. One day as I was driving, I reached over into the glove box and realized I left my shades in another car. The sun was shining directly into my eyes as I drove and I tried to shield it with the brim of my baseball cap.  Then it dawned on me! Someone should invent sunglasses that would attach to the visor of a baseball cap. Then you would never be without your sunglasses! That's when Flip’N Shades was born.

Over the years we worked with many engineers and designers to create the product imagined that one sunny afternoon. The best part of Flip’N Shades is they can attach to any visor and work whether or not you wear prescription glasses. They are infinitely adjustable for a perfect fit any time. When the sun goes down, you just flip them up out of the way into the storage position. This means that your shades won’t get lost in your pocket, a kitchen drawer or your car's glove box anymore.

Flip’N Shades has an ANSI rating for commercial use and they come in a variety of colors. In developing the product, we were told to go to China where it would be less expensive to produce them. But Flip’N Shades are designed and made right here in the USA and are 100% American made and assembled!


US and International Patented